Here are a few frequently asked questions about crazy cart products. Please do well to forward us any query you have.

What Terrain or environment are best practicable for crazy cart?

Crazy cart is good on all, but the best experience is on a circuit. You can easily ride a crazy cart on tar road. Similarly, on grass field, crazy cart is still functional but not to its optimum.

Are crazy cart battery replaceable?

Yes! you can replace the battery of a crazy cart. Do it easily sometimes on your own.

How long does crazy cart battery last?

Crazy cart battery last between 20 minutes to 40 minutes depending on how its been use and how new it is.

How long before I get a refund?

We have a 30 days 100% money back guarantee. You can easily return your product if defective or in any case did not fill the conditions stated by us. Then get in touch with our customer service to request your refund.

Note: Your refund request shall be process and is ground for approval as well as denial.

Do you ship to china?

Yes! we ship to China and over +40 different countries round the world.

What is crazy cart's top speed?

You can achieve up to 19km/h (12mph).

What are crazy carts best features?

• Variable speed foot pedal acceleration with speeds up to 19km/h (12 mph)
• Up to 40 minutes of continuous throttle use on a single charge
• Drift Bar allows drivers to completely control the drifts and spins
• 360-degree steering capability for tight turns
• Simple spin-to-stop maneuvering
• Pneumatic front tyre and anti-tip caster wheels
• Flag and battery charger included

Where can I buy crazy cart?

You can buy our crazy cart for sale online at our official website (www.crazycart.org). But practically, it is available in all our stores based in various countries we’re implanted in.

How does crazy cart work?

The Crazy Cart is driven by a powerful & quiet electric motor. The cart’s speed is controlled by a variable-speed foot pedal, while its direction of travel is controlled by the steering wheel.

What is crazy cart?

Crazy cart is an electric ride made for children and adults of at most 63Kg.

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